Wednesday, November 24, 2004

100 worst pop records

Channel 4's 100 Worst Pop Records

This one comes to us from Channel 4 in England, where they take their pop music a lot more seriously than we do in the US (the notable exception being rap, where people shoot each other over it and stuff).

It's not a bad list, but a lot of the records weren't big here in the US, and there are definitely some records that should be listed, but aren't:

  • Puff Daddy and The Family - 'I'll be missing you' (I might get shot for that one)
  • Rupert Holmes - 'Pina Colada (The Escape Song)'
  • America - 'Horse With No Name'
  • R Kelly - 'I believe I can fly'
  • That 'Y'all Ready For This?' song from the 'Air Bud' movies

Here's a fun experiment: take this list and pick 100 songs from Rolling Stone's List of the 500 best songs of all time, give somebody both lists, and see if he/she can identify which is which.

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