Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Spotlight on: Church Signs

This week's spotlight shines on Eastview Christian Church of Martinsville, with messages for both east and west bound motorists.

Those going east see 'The greatest evil is our indifference to evil'. Of course, even if you aren't indifferent to evil, and you write a strongly-worded letter to the editor, or you put a yellow ribbon magnet (easy-off!) on your car or something, it may not make a bit of difference anyway. But I guess the point is: don't be indifferent to evil.

Those traveling west see an old favorite of mine, 'We live simply so that others may simply live'. This quote is credited to Elizabeth Seton, American saint and the founder of the Sisters of Charity. And judging by the parking lot full of monster trucks and SUVs, I can see that the parishoners are committed to this credo. The irony is richer when you consider that some of their ancestors may have been in D.C. Stephenson's camp when the Klan ruled Indiana and a big part of their agenda was getting rid of Papists like...Elizabeth Seton (well, not her specifically, she died in 1821).

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