Saturday, August 06, 2005

Catch offshore fever!

This is old but here it is, edited somewhat. The two key
things here are:

  1. the use of the phrase 'joy of offshoring' apparently w/out irony
  2. that universal call to update your resume: 'I'm not making any promises, but I assure you...'
I got out of Dodge, myself.

-----Original Message-----
From: **redacted**
Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 2:07 PM
To: **redacted**
Cc: **redacted**
Subject: Team Changes

Due to some pressures to offshore, we will be moving into a new era in
our organization. **the lamest group on our team** has already experienced the joys of
offshoring and have made it work. Now **you other suckers** will be doing the same.
Five of the offshore folks that have worked in the **lamest group on our team** environment
will be moving over to the **you other suckers**. Because of this, we
will be moving people that we have worked with out to other projects
outside of our organization.

Both **dude** and **other dude** have accepted positions within **redacted**'s
organization on the **some acronym** organization. There will be further changes
to our organization in the next few weeks and those will be announced
as they unfold.

I do want to emphasize that, while I won't make promises, I believe
that this will be the extent of offshoring done in our group. There
is no reason to be concerned about your jobs so please do not feel
your jobs are in jeopardy.

Thank you.

**the boss**

**other boss**, please feel free to cascade to your organization.


dewayne901johnnie said...
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I removed the previous post b/c it was SPAM trying to hype some stock.