Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Answer's to Last Week's Quiz

  1. This was kind of a trick question. In this particular case, it was a corporate, private industry job, but there was a guy that slept on the government job, too.
  2. This one was a government job. There is a street in my town with the same name as the guy, which always reminds me of this scarily intense individual.
  3. This one was a private industry job. Consulting companies love to find suckers to milk for all they're worth, public or private. The application violated software engineering principles like not putting more than 256 fields on a screen. (note of clarification - I didn't write the story I linked too, but it illustrates my point pretty well)
  4. This one was private, too. Corporations, driven by market forces and the invisible hand, can make innovations in stifling, soul-crushing bureaucracy that make legendary government inefficiency look pretty candy ass.
  5. Government job. Eerily smart people sometimes are motivated by non-monetary factors like the job being the only thing in any way technical near their home town. And no, I wasn't talking about myself here. This guy lived in Bloomfield, and I've never even been there.
  6. Corporate job. Like Wally from Dilbert, I was not overly vigilant about making sure the thing had good batteries.
  7. Corporate job. Some plucky individuals inside the company started a Wiki to try to make sense of all the acronyms.
  8. Government job. He did have the sense to abandon the necklace thing when it got too small for his neck.
  9. Government job. I have since gone on to higher levels of flunkydom.

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