Thursday, March 30, 2006

Van Driving Yahoos Are Ready to Steal Gas!

I thought people were pretty much over the 'gas is so expensive' gripes when it went back under $3, but apparently that's not the case. At the gas station today a very angry white dude of the Tom Arnold type driving a Van complained to a young guy of the Eminem/Kevin Federline type (a future entry will go on at greater length on the Theory of White Guy Types) that gas was too gosh (sic) damn expensive.

"It's 2.64 and it goes up 10 cents every week. Before long people are gonna start stealing gas. This van gets 13 mpg. I can't afford it."

"I know what you mean. I have to put premium in that piece of shit." (points to dark green, somewhat old but still in pretty decent condition BMW with the pimped out rims whose main function is to make the rest of the car look like shit).

"People are gonna start stealing gas." (the other guy again)

At this point K-Fed mentioned how motorcycles get great gas mileage, and tried to sell Tom Arnold one of his for $800, but he didn't bite, saying he didn't have that kind of money and couldn't afford it.

He should have at least got K-Fed's address. Then he could have stolen the bike at least.


Anonymous said...

It can be very dengerous if many drivers of vans and other cars become angry. Prices shouldn't go up so fast, government should stop it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, prices go up and of course people don't like it and complain. This rapid increase in gas price can cause some problems, it's better to stop at the beginning, then suffer after.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that people will not steal gas. It won't solve the problem, prices can't go up always and I believe after some time it'll go down and returns to its normal cost.