Saturday, June 24, 2006

Stephen Hawking: Chinese Women Are Hot


At a seminar in Beijing last week, famous physicist Stephen Hawking, who holds the post of Cambridge University's Lucasian Professor of Mathematics once held by the great Sir Isaac Newton, told the audience of 500: "I like Chinese culture, Chinese food and above all Chinese women. They are beautiful." He also said some stuff about global warming potentially destroying the earth.

On hearing the news, the Fundamentalist Scientists of the IDEA club immediately sprung into action, assembling and distributing a list of 'over 500 physicists who prefer white women'. Within hours, the list came under fire in the physics blogosphere, as several physics bloggers or 'blogons', as they are sometimes known, pointed out that many people on the list were not Physicists, but merely people who had taken Physics in High School.

Chinese Woman.
The IDEA club immediately fired back in a press release, noting that not only did all these people get 'A's in the classes, but further that in several instances, the classes were AP classes, meaning the students could have gotten college credit for the classes from participating Universities and Colleges.

Asked for comment, Sir Mix-a-Lot, who holds the 'Sir' title once held by Isaac Newton, said: "I like big butts, and I won't lie."

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Anonymous said...

As a professional physicist, I can concur that Chinese women are, in fact, hot. At least the Chinese women I saw in Beijing in August were.