Friday, April 13, 2007

Ghostface Killah Apologizes to Imus and his Family

Don't play me like I got a flower pot head, kid

In response to the widespread conservative outrage at rap lyrics following Don Imus' recent firing for referring to the Rutger's women's basketball team as 'a bunch of nappy headed ho's', Ghostface Killah stepped forward to issue an apology:

"Yo yo yo God check it. When I wrote my lyrics in '93, boom, I never thought they'd be firin a n%*(*% for callin women hos in 2007, boom. I had crazy visions son, boom! I was ready to rock n%(*$(*%, for real. Those were the cream joints, boom. But then some old white n*(*(%, here he comes with my word, tryin to flip it and bounce it, not usin it right, first of all, next thing you know, m5%(^$*(* lost his $*%#(*( job, kid."

Imus' a werewolf who didn't

have the energy to complete

the transformation' - Dennis Miller

re: Imus

At this point fellow Wu-Tang member U-God asked "Is he dead?"

"No no no, he just old, he looks like that. So yo, I'm very sorry for any trouble I may have caused this n$#(*#$(*% and his family. I was just a knucklehead out to make some money for my family, yo, knamsayin? How I was gonna know a 70 year old white m$*%($*#( with 50 years of radio experience was gonna use my words and lose his job?

Ol' Dirty used to say 'Everything Wu-Tang does is for the children', but now, Wu-Tang is gonna do some shit for old rich white n$(*(*$s on the radio, too. One love!"

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