Friday, September 05, 2008

Rebel Girls You Are the Queens Of My World!

A couple tidbits on RNC '08, and then I'm getting the hell out of the crowded world of political blogging again. If you don't like it, go to Russia!

The shouting-heavy ending of McCain's acceptance speech reminded me a lot of Howard Dean's campaign-derailing 'We're going to New Hampshire! And Georgia! And Kentucky! and etc!' minus the 'WAHOO!' at the end. Everybody jumped all over Dean and even compared him to the H man for that. In this case I guess it showed the old man has got some life in him yet.

Every time I hear the GOP harp on 'we're close to victory' and 'don't give up when victory is in our grasp' I think of some schmuck up to his eyeballs in gambling debt begging his bookie to take one more bet. Pathetic.

The guy with the 'Mavrick' (sic) sign was good for some laffs.

The balloons were pretty.

The pink protestors are my heroes.

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