Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sucka Java Developers

(Apologies to RUN-DMC the ODB, and GZA/Genius)

Sucka JD's

When I grab the mic with intent to damage ya
better drink the red bull to build your stamina
I'm here to drop some truth and some science
about sucka JDs and the way they do violence

They went to school to get the Java knowledge
But sometimes they act like they flunked outta college
They know web frameworks for days and days
But when it comes to DB's they got lost in the maze

Got mad ORMs but they don't know SQL
But my shit is cane sugar and your code is Equal
I know how to write it functional or declarative
but when it comes to codin' all you got is imperative

You think Selects are something Bud makes
that's why you're a meatball, but I'm a steak
so take your API and get the hell out of town
You're just a sucka JD, you sad-faced clown


joe positive said...

oh, man.

SDC said...

Haw haw!

I didn't say it was GOOD.

joe positive said...

't rocks.