Friday, April 22, 2011

No dark sarcasm in the classroom.

It was only a matter of time before we managed to make the jump from glorifying stupidity to villifying education and the people responsible to provide and give the children the educations. 'Is our children learning?', the President Bush asked, and it turn out when he ask that it was meant in the same way the question 'Are you drinking my milk from the fridge?' or 'Are you beating your wife?' might be meant.

Later we saw evelation to celebrity status of the likes of Paris Hilton, Snooky, and the Situations and Paul E.D. Nooki even speaks at colleges now. Unfortunately she do not educate the studence at the universtietes about abstainence, or better yet, counterception, because as Bristle Palin shows, abstininse makes you pregnant.

As recent as a couple-three years ago, people pretend they respect teachers and it a high calling. We say pretend because teachers were not exactly paid a lot, and lets say it's 2007, if you say your a teacher to somebody working in finance, you are lower in thurr eyes than the guy they hired to maw the grass or clean the toylet, but worse to them because they have to acknowledge you existince and they no you see thru their bullshit ennyway.

But yeh, they would say 'wow you are responsible for teaching the children who are the future. We society owe you so much.' This time 'we owe you so much' said ecsactly the way your brother-in-law with a gambling debt would say 'I owe you buddy', you know, incincere because forget about it getting paid.

Fortunitey for these poeple, at least the ones what didn't get turned out on the streets in the big CRASH in 2008, Scot Miler and his thuglodite buddies like New Jerse Governer Chistopher Christophee, Mitch Danial, and Rand Pole concoct a scheme to blame EVERYTHING on the TEACHERS. Teachers they are too high paid! Let's pay them less money! They are killing us with this! We can't pay the rent on these library! Here are a bunch of things to say like: Unions they are like monocles, they have no place in the modern world now! Love it or go to Russia!

They say this in public but when they get together and hangout and have monocle parties like the ladies of the decade before the 80s had tupperwear parties! They are going to be the Monopoly guy, all of them, but the free market has told us their are betters.

Some say its ok u don have to pay so much for educashion. Scot Adam who create the dum cartoon picthures about the nerd in the newspaper and who don't want women to vote nomore wrote artical in the Walls Treat Journell about how collidge is a fraud, too. Scot Adam, he is a genius, so he say look at what genius Scott Adamms is, he take advantage of people cause they are dum, so if you go to collidge and are taken for a sukker by brainiacs like Addums who is your betters, maybe you learn something. Know your place.

Some say the school no need. Cost too much money. Money can buy gas for truck. Money can by boat for boss. Boat boss use to sale far, far away from dum angry peepl that got scrood out of an education and so they got no jobs and can't keep the computers and shit running. Where do electricity come from? No one know. We had to save money, dammit! We don't need know education. lol jbf 80085

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