Saturday, January 15, 2005

Vitamin World Tried to Kill Me!

They didn't use a bomb or gun!
V-dub tried to kill me!
Home Boys watch out for this one!

(shamelessly ripped off from Ice T's 'The Girl Tried To Kill Me')

A couple years ago I read some scary article about how athletes were dropping dead left and right because they weren't properly replenishing the minerals they lost through their dangerously non-sedentary lifestyles. I was and still am a runner and decidedly non-sedentary, and I was influenced by this article more than I like to admit. I ran out and bought some 'Colloidal Mineral Source' at Vitamin World. Then I took it home and read the label (and you can, too). I noticed it contained:

  • Cadmium - I knew this was bad from the old Superchunk song of the same name.
  • Thallium- I knew this was bad from one of the Discovery Channel 'real life detective' shows where the super-genius guy tried to kill his neighbors.
To be fair, it's not in a lead bottle or anything, but that label scared me so much I threw the bottle out. I still get spam from them to this day. It's like having a guy who pointed a gun at you in traffic drive by your house slowly from time to time.

I'm sure Vitamin World's other products are great. Just be careful is all I'm saying. There's Cadmium in cigarette smoke, and those are sold in drug stores all over the country, so how bad can it be?

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