Friday, November 28, 2008

Kids say the you-are-damndest things!

Yesterday I discovered an exciting sub-genre of youTube videos, the 'Baby Preacher' video. The kid preacher in 'Jesus Camp' apparently went over so well, they are expanding the outreach to infants.

Probably the most famous of the baby preacher videos is this one, Kanon Tipton. There's nothing that quite puts the shivers in your soul like somebody who craps his own pants telling you you're going straight to hell.

This one's billed as 'baby TD Jakes', but he's maybe 8 or 9. When he talks about losing all his money, you can tell he's been there.

Here's 'The Little Man of God', rockin' an awesome pink suit. I want that suit. More importantly, I want that band to punctuate everything I say with a stab.

Back to the infants now, here's Ethan, rockin a more conservative suit. I have to listen to what he says, because he says it loud, and he's well dressed:

These all remind me of a bit Andy Kaufman used to do where he spoke complete gibberish, but with the phrasing, gestures, and facial expressions a comedian would use. Though there were no intelligible jokes, it was funny, and people laughed, thanks to a lifetime of being trained that in that setting, when somebody on stage talks like that and moves like that, it's supposed to be funny. The words don't really matter, as it turns out.

Of course, by analyzing it, I drained all humor value from it, but trust me, it was funny.

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